From north to south, from east to west, the member cooperatives of ZENTRAG eG, the Central Cooperative of the European Meat Trade, are spread all over Germany. Further member cooperatives and business organisations are situated in Austria, Luxemburg and Switzerland.

ZENTRAG: A strong partner for the traditional food sector

We are ZENTRAG the Central Cooperative of the European Meat Trade and a strong partner for the traditional food sector. Since 1947 we have always been the focal point for the traditional butcher trade and offer our member cooperatives all the advantages of purchase pooling, an efficient range of trading and associated services and sales support concepts.

We also represent the interests of the meat trade in relation with the general public and we actively promote training and young talent recruitment for our trade with the Gilde Stiftung (Gilde Foundation) and the Gilde Akademie (Gilde Academy).

We provide decisive competitive advantages via our leading trade mark Gilde with its exclusive meat and poultry assortment, commodities and machines. Our affiliated cooperatives and organisations are situated in Germany, Austria, Luxemburg and Switzerland.

„Being born into a butcher family I grew up with the trademark Gilde. So Gilde products have always been something special for me. And this is still true today: Gilde remains THE quality brand for us butchers!“

Ansgar Nachtwey
Fleischer-Einkauf Hannover/Göttingen eG

„Combining strong own brands and national supply sources with solutions and services beyond the core business trade – that is what makes ZENTRAG a strong, strategic and reliable partner. Acting with and for one another – so that WE can grow together.“

Helmut Krachtus
MEGEM AG – Metzger und Gastro Einkauf München
(butcher and gastro purchase)

„ZENTRAG’s support, our central cooperative,  means a lot to me in my daily work. ZENTRAG is essential : as business partner and supplier, as service provider and as our accounting office, as coordinator between us cooperatives, as consultant in specific domains and as support in many of our actions. ZENTRAG – for me it means „family-run home office“, place of retreat and support, a feeling of belonging within a strong community. So for me it’s clear : ZENTRAG – we are part of it.“

Dominik Kaese
Gilde Thüringer Fleischergenossenschaft eG
(butcher cooperative)

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