Promotion ideas, trends, success stories and offers – the Gilde Magazin knows what butchers are interested in. Gilde Magazine tells exciting stories from other butcher shops, practical merchandising suggestions and the latest trends in our trade. It is published three times a year, the editor is ZENTRAG eG. Its declared aim: to provide sustainable support of the butcher trade in purchasing and sales.

The current issue is available at your local cooperative. (Only available in German.)

Some of the latest subjects in the Gilde Magazin

  • Innovative sales ideas for butcher shops
  • Master-offers: machines at bargain prices
  • Strategies for success: Food-trends and catering
  • Trainee’s page – in cooperation with the Gilde Stiftung (foundation)

Gilde Magazin 2022

Here you get an over-view of the top-items and publication dates of Gilde Magazin 2022.

Issue 01/2022: 01.03.2022

Specialities in spring: ham, lamb and co.
IFFA: Leading international trade fair with alternative proteins for the first time
Company handover: How does it work?
Digital change: Working creatively with social media

Issue 02/2022: 02.08.2022

Game: How to broaden the buyer base
Light cuisine: Creative delicatessen salads for counters and catering
Ingredient list: Ways to short and clean label
Digital change: Protecting your own business from digital attacks

Issue 03/2022: 02.11.2022

Additional assortments: Turnover with pasta, sauces and co.
Creative To-Go: Offering more than meat loaf and meatball
Winter barbecue: making barbecue a year-round theme
Investments: Vending machines – overview and benefits

Advertising in the Gilde Magazin

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