GILDE STIFTUNG (Gilde Foundation)

We support the butcher trade

The butcher trade offers perspectives – and young talents secure our future. That is why ZENTRAG eG has created the Gilde Stiftung des Fleischerhandwerks e.V. in 2010. The Gilde Stiftung supports numerous projects for training and education and encourages excellence and initiatives for trainee and apprentice recruitment. The „Fit for Trainees“ challenge for example is sponsored with a total of 6,000 Euro and young talents development programs are rewarded with free advertising packages.

“The shortage of skilled labour is topic n°1 also in the butcher trade. That is why it’s so important to provide support! Join us and become member of the Gilde Stiftung. Our trade is on the path to a good future.“

Michael Boddenberg
Chairman of the Executive Board of Gilde Stiftung

Services by Gilde Stiftung

Gilde Stiftung supports projects of the butcher trade or economical organisations of the meat trade in order to win young candidates for careers or training in the butcher trade.

Gilde Stiftung created the ”Fit for Trainees“ challenge to support young talent recruitment in the butcher trade and rewards the best initiatives and ideas with funds totalling 6,000 Euro.

Gilde Stiftung supports education and further training for the staff in the butcher business or in the economical organisations of the meat trade in form of scholarships etc. This concerns for example the master craftsman qualifications, the advanced training programs for the bachelor degree in business IHK (chamber of commerce) as well as economical and nutritional-economic courses.

Gilde Stiftung as a registered association can award prizes on different subjects, especially by granting monetary or product donations and scholarships as an acknowledgment of special performances or as a financial assistance in case of need as per §53 AO.

Support of trainees also means to make excellence more visible in public. Therefore the Gilde Foundation sponsors in 2022 like every year the competitions of the federal associations with 500 Euros each.

Please submit your applications in written form to:
Gilde Stiftung e.V., Grüne Straße 40-42, 60316 Frankfurt, GERMANY.

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