The experienced team of department head Patrick Völker is dedicated to the world-wide purchasing and sales of meat, poultry, lamb and venison – fresh or frozen. Customer satisfaction remains the top priority through high procurement quality in attractive pricing terms.


  • Fresh and frozen meat: pork, beef (ox, young bull, heifer), veal, lamb and mutton
  • Fresh and frozen poultry: turkey, chicken, duck and goose
  • Convenience: pork, beef, poultry (rare or cooked)
  • Fresh and frozen venison: wild boar, roe, red deer, fallow deer, mouflon, moose, wild fowl and small wild game
  • French specialties: Label Rouge, Janze, Poulet Fermier, Poulet Noir, Poulet de Bresse, Poulet Blanc, capon, barbarie duck, corn-fed chicken, guinea fowl, pigeon, spring chicken, quails and rabbit
  • Exotic meat: ostrich, kangaroo, bison, crocodile, horsemeat, water buffalo, grey cattle and Mangalica pigs
„The same goes for us, we address new tasks and overcome challenges every day – for the entire benefit of our customers.“

Patrick Völker
Head of the meat, venison and poultry department of ZENTRAG eG

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