The experienced team of department head Thomas Hufnagel is in charge of the entire purchase and sales department for the foodstuffs. This includes the identification of new trends, improvements on existing products and placing them in a competitive market position. Of course this implies a close cooperation with the economic organisations. One of the most important tasks of the last years was the enhancement of the brands “Gilde” and “fd”.


  • Sausages (e.g. cooked sausage, boiled sausage, salami)
    • Dairy products (milk, butter, curd, cream, cheese, yoghurt etc.)
    • Agricultural products (potatoes, fries, noodles, rice, pulses, frozen fruit and vegetables, etc.)
    • Preserves (fruit, vegetable and pickle preserves)
    • Assortment of dry foods (e.g. soups, stock, flour, sugar)
    • Fish (e.g. sea food, fresh and frozen fish, smoked fish)
    • Delicatessen (gourmet-salads, antipasti)
    • Baked goods (e.g. sheet cake, frozen cakes, bread rolls, bread, pastries)
    • Beverages (Spirits, soft drinks, drinking chocolate)
    • Oils and fats (olive oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, soy oil, semi-liquid vegetable fat, solid fat)
    ”We discover the trends of tomorrow and launch top-quality products. In that respect nearly nothing is impossible …“

    Thomas Hufnagel
    Head of Department Foodstuffs at ZENTRAG eG

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