fd branded products

From aspic powder to sausage yarn – the brand fd supplies butcheries with all the necessary for the meat processing. Amongst the most popular articles are the fd mayonnaise and the fd GOLD semi-liquid vegetable fat. The assortment comprises approx. 200 articles, also including products in the sectors of packaging, gastronomy and catering.


…at the best price!

In addition to our proven own brand the fd branding now also includes entry-level pricing basic products. That’s the perfect best value for money match for catering, snacks, gastronomy and butcher shops.

The best value products in the fd range

  • delicious choice of cold cuts like salami, ham or turkey breast
  • select assortment of spices in the handy bulk size sprinkle dispenser
  • bulk size broth, sauces, ketchup & Co. in 10 kg tub
  • choice of commodities like aluminium foil, disposable gloves or fuel paste

A glimpse into the fd brand assortment

  • Selected articles in the food-sector e.g. mushrooms, mayonnaise and the semi-liquid vegetable fat
  • Packaging like foil cuttings for example and wax paper
  • Large choice of spices, yarns and nets for sausage production