Save energy: become a climate protection expert

Reducing energy consumption will become really simple now. In order to help butchers reduce energy consumption and costs in their shops, the association MITTELSTANDSVERBUND together with ZENTRAG offer free climate protection counselling within the project „Climate Pro for SMEs“.

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These consultations are entirely customised: whether meat processing devices (e.g. cutter), compression refrigeration units or air filters: the potential energy savings are high as the daily processes require enormous quantities of energy. But most of the time you don’t have an energy expert in your team. That’s where the project „Climate Pro for SMEs“ comes in handy. During the free consultation, a climate protection professional specifically trained for the butcher trade, will carefully examine the shop. Which devices use the most electricity? How can you save with waste management? And what are the latest funding opportunities for new, climate-friendly technologies?

The climate protection experts advise you on site in your facilities.  Investments in modern devices can be subsidised up to 30 percent. And the consultants will also scrutinise your day to day working processes: with a few small tricks staff members will already be able to lower energy costs.

The project is funded by the Federal Government within the climate protection initiative.  Within the 3 years duration the initiative aims at saving up to 8200 tons of CO2 until 2019. The consultations for the butcher shops are financed by the German Federal Environment Ministry. So the counselling is completely free of charge for the butchers. And that’s not all: those who equip their business with the latest eco-friendly technology, not only save a lot of money over the years, they also create a benefit for the future generations. A climate-adapted business creates a healthy environment.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Climate protection experts analyse the actual energetic status of the company
  • Climate protection experts line out the optimisation potentials
  • Climate protection experts advise on resource optimisation and waste prevention and carry out a mobility check
  • Climate protection experts point out funding opportunities and will provide assistance with funding applications
  • Climate protection experts accompany you during the implementation of the climate protection measures
„Climate protection measures do not only secure the future of your own business. They also help up to a certain degree to maintain our planet worthwhile and to protect the environment. “

Dr. Ludwig Veltmann, General Manager of the MITTELSTANDSVERBUND

Information flyer of the MITTELSTANDSVERBUND

You would like to get some information on the „Climate Pro for SMEs“ project? Well, you can download here the latest information flyer. (only available in German)

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