LMIV: ZENTRAG’s information portal

The EU Food Information Regulation (German abbreviation LMIV Lebensmittelinformationsverordnung No. 1169/2011) regulates within the EU the labelling of foodstuffs and must be implemented since Dec 13, 2014. The regulation defines in detail how to label foodstuffs. The aim is to provide greater transparency for consumers and improved clarity concerning allergens, nutritional and energy values, food imitations and origin of the product. The new rules apply particularly with regard to product labelling and information transfer.

This presents a major challenge for the food sector: on the one hand it is essential to ensure consumers’ confidence, on the other hand errors or omissions on product information may lead to serious legal consequences.

In order to comply with the requirements of the LMIV food Information Regulation the representatives of the food sector must manage and make available a veritable flood of product information.

That is why ZENTRAG eG developed for its member cooperatives a portal that provides all the necessary information in a clearly structured layout and offers the possibility to save and manage the pdf product information sheets manually created by suppliers and producers.

These are the advantages of ZENTRAG‘s Food Information Regulation LMIV-Portal

  • All the relevant information on LMIV regulation at a glance
  • E-mail notification in case of updates
  • Various download options for transfer/processing
  • Upload your proper product specifications
  • Many filter options for article research
  • Convenient subscription management

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