Talking about poultry, more and more customers want to know where the meat comes from and how the animals are bred. Insecurity among consumers is growing and many questions are asked in the butcher shop that need to be answered of course. The Gilde landfrisch chicken gives you an insight into a local chicken breeding program that makes sense.

Since several years now our clients in the South of Germany have access to our local chicken program Gilde landfrisch in Lower Bavaria. We are happy to have been able to offer this Gilde landfrisch chicken concept also from the North of Germany since autumn 2020.
With a local partner in the Weser-Ems region near Oldenburg we can implement locally the well-known Gilde landfrisch chicken quality. We trust in the long-standing and trusting cooperation between the rural breeding farms and the „Gut Bergmark Premium Geflügel“ estate. With breeding, hatcheries and feed mills in the same region, proximity and direct contact between the partners is always guaranteed.

Panoramaansicht einer Weide mit einem ländlichen Haus im Hintergrund
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The farmers check constantly during their rounds through the small to medium chicken housings the cleanliness, feed and drinking water supply. They also check consciously the climatic conditions in the housings and of course the overall well-being of the animals. Care and responsibility are first priority for all of those involved form the breeding to the delivery of the fresh products.

Gilde landfrisch Logo in blau, rot, grün und weiß

Enjoy fresh German poultry in butcher quality!

  • Guaranteed origin from Germany
  • Producer association with family farms
  • Small chicken housing units with natural light and open floor space as well as partly feed supplemented with grain from the own farm production
  • Of course no use of antibiotic growth promoters or feeds of animal origin
  • Local breeding and slaughtering within a maximum distance of 100 km

Fresh chicken from Germany:

Learn more about our project in Lower Saxony.

With a regional partner from the Oldenburger Land in the Weser-Ems region, we are able to implement the proven quality of Gilde landfrisch chicken on site. The medium-sized company Gut Bergmark is rooted in the region and maintains stable partnerships with farmers in the area. This is how the best Gilde landfrisch chicken quality comes to the table. The quality of the product, but also the associated rearing of the animals, is always in the foreground. We are happy to provide an insight into this below.

Knowing where it comes from: Report on site in Lower Saxony

Our chicken from the north

Luftaufnahme des Geflügelhofs

In the characteristic landscape of Northern Germany in the Weser-Ems region are the farms within a radius of max. 100 km that raise the Gilde landfrisch chicken for us.

Zwei Männer auf dem Weg über einen Gilde landfrisch Hof

Gut Bergmark’s breeders supervisor regularly visits the farms to discuss current issues and future plans. A trusting and open relationship is the basis for a long-term partnership with the fattening farms.

Drei große Silos stehen auf dem Hof in Massing

There is always something to do on family farms.  It is important to keep up to date with regard to stables and technology to ensure the best possible rearing of the animals.

Weizenfeld mit einer Mühle und mehreren Häusern im Hintergrund

The Gilde landfrisch chickens grow up here in the beautiful Lower Saxony landscape. The Weser Ems / Oldenburger Land region is characterised by many family farms.

Aufnahme des Stalls mit den Küken und der entsprechenden Beleuchtung

Light plays a major role in the stables. In some cases – as can be seen here – state-of-the-art lighting systems are used to supplement classic windows to the outside area. By controlling the light temperature in the housing, it is possible to influence resting phases and even the eating behaviour and general activity of the animals, thus making a positive contribution to animal welfare.

Mitarbeiter des Hofs hält ein Küken aus dem Stall in seinen Händen

Responsible breeding is important for farmer Jan. He does not only rely on the modern control technology in the barn. Personal contact with the animals is always necessary to ensure that care is taken during rearing.

Küken trinken aus einem Tropf

As he walks through the chicken house, the farmer naturally regularly makes sure that the animals have access to fresh water and feed at all times of the day.

Die Küken versammeln sich um eine Futterstelle

Machine controlled, the feed is always dispensed fresh into the containers. This ensures that the chickens always have qualitatively perfect and dry feed available for pecking.

Küken liegen zusammen verteilt auf dem Stallboden

The chickens like to sit together in small groups. They also like to stretch their wings and legs. This is a sign that they are relaxed. The temperature in the henhouse is technically controlled so that the animals have the best possible ambient temperature.

Viele Küken versammelt um die Trinkstellen im Stall

The bedding (here with straw pallets) provides a dry surface and also the possibility for the chickens to scratch and peck. Water and feed are always nearby.

Nahaufnahme eines Kükens im Stall des Gilde landfrisch Hofs

Balanced resting and active phases determine the daily routine of the animals. A dry surface and always fresh feed are important prerequisites for the animals’ welfare, along with technically controllable barn temperature and lighting.

Nahaufnahme eines Kükens aus dem Stall

Every farmer is proud of his chickens and the way they are reared. From the newly inserted chicks to the fully-grown chicken, all animals are reared with care.

Mitarbeiter kümmert sich um die Küken im Stall

He also regularly checks the correct functioning of the feed and water points. Although these are technically controlled, safe is safe, as the best possible supply of fresh feed and water to the animals must be guaranteed at all times.

Mitarbeiter geht durch die Stallflächen, am Boden sind die Küken

Twice a day, farmer Jan takes a tour of the chicken house to personally check the animals’ welfare and state of health.

Nahaufnahme eines Kükens, welches vom Halter in der Hand gehalten wird

Individual animals are also closely examined. If the animal appears healthy, it will of course quickly return to its mates.

Nahaufnahme des Futters für die Küken in den Händen des Halters

The feed is based on the age of the chickens. It is of course purely vegetable and is always available fresh in the feed containers for the animals.

Mitarbeiter zeigt die Steuerung der Stallanlage über ein Steuersystem

Everything in the barn is monitored with the most modern technology. Exhaust air and fresh air supply, water, feed, cleaning of the facilities and much more is technically controlled. All environmental values in the housing, such as CO2 content, humidity and temperature are centrally monitored.

Zwei Männer beraten sich und machen Notizen

During the regular visits of the breeders supervisor, they also talk about innovations in the barn and current challenges. The cooperation, often of many years’ standing, enables a partnership between the fatteners and Gut Bergmark, who bring the Gilde landfrisch chicken to you for us.

Landwirt stehend auf dem Hof der Schlachterei Groß

The farmers of our producer group are self-confidently and with sense and reason behind poultry rearing. They work with full commitment day after day to ensure the best possible quality. Generation after generation, the family farms in the region develop with self-confidence and pride in the product.

Ein Mann und eine Frau vor einen LKW und einem Bürogebäzde

Gilde landfrisch is the producer association behind the medium-sized company Gut Bergmark Premium Poultry. Together with the breeding farms, a development has been achieved in recent years which today forms a good and solid unit as a basis for trust, fairness and stable, long-term partnerships.

Mitarbeiter klebt das Etikett auf die Verpackung des frische Geflügels

After slaughtering, Gilde landfrisch chickens are packed in the production facility and provided with our Gilde landfrisch label so that you know where they come from.

Am Fließband wird frisches Gilde landfrisch Geflügel etikettiert

The goods are carefully sorted into the packaging by hand. The strictest hygiene guidelines prevail in production, which are carefully observed by all employees.

Mitarbeiter am Band eteki

Of course, attention is also paid to the quality of each individual chicken cut during packaging. The employees are experienced in their work and know what is important.

Verpackungsbereich der Schlachterei Groß in Massing

Hygiene and cleanliness are the top criteria in production – also when packing the goods. Fortunately, the employees are used to the low temperatures at their workplace. Nevertheless, there are regular breaks here as well, so that they can always do a good job.

Trust in a regional chicken breeding that makes sense

Fresh chicken from Germany: Find out more about our project in Lower Bavaria.

The breeding in family farms in the region of Lower Bavaria within a distance of maximum 50 km enables a partnership between the farmers and the Groß family who slaughters the Gilde landfrisch chicken for the butchers. The product quality is in the centre of the efforts but also the related raising of the animals. See for yourself and get a glimpse behind the scenes.

Knowing where it comes from: on-site investigation in Lower Bavaria.

Chicken breeding that makes sense

All within a range of 50 km… The farms raising our Gilde landfrisch chicken are even sometimes within sight of the production unit –as this farm here.

Our own fleet is driving throughout the region – beautiful landscape included.

This is one of the newest housings. The extension for the winter garden is already in preparation, so that the chickens will be able to continue picking and scratching outside protected from the weather.

The Gilde landfrisch chickens grow up here in the beautiful Lower Bavarian landscape. The small family farms breeding our chickens are typical for the region.

Our chickens are raised in small housing units with natural light. Thus the natural day and night rhythm of the animals is assured. They don’t like direct sun light though – so then the farmer closes the blinds if needed.


Of course feeding, ventilation, temperature and water supply are monitored by the latest control technology.  But our farmers still check personally twice a day the well being of the animals.

All animals have access to feed and water at all times of day or night.

The grains are always supplied fresh into the dispensers, so that there is always dry feed available to pick. This is also under technical control and assures the best feeding quality for the animals.

When the chickens are relaxed they like to sit down or spread their legs and wings. The litter (here straw pallets) keeps the bedding dry and enables the chickens to scratch and pick.

Water and feed are always close by so that the animals never lack. Of course for safety reasons everything is also under technical control.

All our farmers are proud of their chickens and breeding. From the newly admitted chicks to the grown-up chicken.

The Groß family and the farmers attach much importance to the breeding and they make this clear from the beginning. “Breeding with common sense” is their motto.

Two times a day the farmer makes his round through the housings to check personally on the well-being and state of health of the animals.

Some of the animals are examined very closely. If the animal seems in good health it returns of course immediately to its mates. And calm returns to the housing.

The claws are a special feature of the global state of health of the animals. This is why farmer Christian has a close look at them during his round.

The feed is adapted to the age of the chickens. It is of course purely vegetable and particular attention will be given to the input of feed from the farm’s own grain production.

The regulation of extracted air and fresh air supply is technically controlled. Farmer Christian is checking that the current values are OK. If ever the values do not fit properly he’ll receive immediately a message on his mobile.

The environmental features in the housings like carbon content, humidity and temperature are controlled so that the conditions for the animals are optimal at all times.

For almost 50 years the Groß family has been standing for regional breeding that makes sense. The small farm with a tailor shop has grown into a professional poultry business well anchored in its region where their chickens are reared.

The whole Groß family has fully dedicated itself to poultry. This pride also shone on their faces during the photo shooting in Lower Bavaria. Gilde landfrisch – this is the quality that we support!

After the slaughter the Gilde articles are prepared for expedition. And branded with the Gilde landfrisch label – so that you know where it comes from.

The workers hand pack each item carefully. The enterprise meets the criteria for the seal of quality „Geprüfte Qualität Bayern» and is certified as required by the of IFS Global Markets Food by an independent institute.

Even in this last step the quality of each chicken cut is checked. The employees are often with the company since many years and know what is important.

Hygiene and cleanliness are crucial – also when packing the products. Luckily the employees are used to the low temperatures at their workplace and wear appropriate clothing.

The Gilde landfrisch chickens are raised in the fattening farms of our producer association in Lower Bavaria.

In this grown family business there are now already two generations of the Groß family acting for a sustainable and respectful chicken breeding.  In their partnership with the fattening farms they are taking their quality requirements always one step further. Equipping the housings with natural daylight and winter garden areas, the latest control technology for optimal care of the animals and “hatching in the chicken house” experiments are all based on the value of a respectful and meaningful chicken breeding.  Always looking forward and together with the farmers of the producer association everything is done to guarantee the best poultry quality from breeding to slaughtering.

Everything so that the best, fresh chicken is right in your display case.

Top quality chicken with a regional dimension

Gilde landfrisch chickens stand for regional breeding and sustainability.

Breeding and slaughtering are located within a 50 km limit. This proximity ensures short transportations meaning less stress for the animals and also a positive carbon footprint due to short logistics for live animals.

Thanks to the small farm structures the breeding feed can be supplemented with cereals produced on their own fields.  Of course no antibiotic growth promoters or feeds of animal origin are used.

Chicken breeding that makes sense

Gilde landfrisch chickens are raised in small housing units with natural light.  The breeding is of course in compliance with all the necessary and hygiene stipulations. Not only the latest control technology in the housings but also the personal responsibility of the farmer guarantee a responsible breeding. The experienced poultry farmers check at least two times a day during their rounds through the housings on the accessibility of the feed, sufficient water supply and correct litter up to the overall health impression of the animals. Of course the local veterinary helps with this mission, checking regularly on the state of health and hygiene in the farms.

Gilde landfrisch chickens – they have our support…

The Groß family has been standing since more than 50 years for regional breeding that makes sense. The small farm with a tailor shop has grown over the years into a professional poultry business well anchored in its region where their chickens are reared and slaughter.  The enterprise meets the criteria for the seal of quality “Geprüfte Qualität Bayern” and is also certified as required by the of IFS Global Markets Food by an independent institute. So from breeding to slaughter everything is focused on the best possible quality.

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