Gilde Masterbrand

Since 1954 epitome of traditional butcher trade and innovative marketing ideas : the master brand Gilde. Gilde is the leading trademark of the meat-processing sector and offers the best products, services and solutions to modern butchers’ shops.

The extensive Gilde assortment is exclusively dedicated as a brand to the butcher trade and comprises over 600 products in the food and non-food sector. It provides the butcher trade with a large choice of foodstuffs, machines, processing and commodities, poultry and venison products as well as convenience products for gastronomy and catering.

Did you know?

What was the first Gilde product introduced during the boom years after the war?

It was Gilde margarine, with the epithets Gold and Silver at the time.

Which of the Gilde products is particularly in demand?

That would be for example the Gilde mayonnaise. It is still very popular with the butchers because of its good processing properties and remains one of the best selling Gilde products.

60 years Gilde anniversary – a success story.

In 1954, ZENTRAG eG existed then only since seven years, the first product was created under the brand name „Gilde“, that was the Gold- or Silver-margarine. Shortly after that, the Gilde mayonnaise was introduced and in the following years a large range of tinned products and the first articles in the non-food sector, for example packaging articles were developed for the clients of the butcher trade.

In times of strong competition on the home market and from foreign producers the ZENTRAG eG members could thus better compete and maintain their position. The brand Gilde already stood for high quality, available only in butcher shops. And that marketing strategy still works today.

Then as now ZENTRAG eG offers “its” butchers decisive competitive advantages: because Gilde does not practice the same level of pricing in their merchandising as products of the competition might do.

From the mid-sixties on ZENTRAG developed consequently its trading and service range. Today the Gilde assortment comprises over 600 articles in the food and non-food sector. This offers a large choice both for production in butcher shops and for the end-user in front of the counter.

Since 2016 Gilde appears in its re-designed fresh new image and carries the values of the brand „tradition, trade and quality“ successfully into the future. The packaging has been designed to highlight the unique and incomparable partnership between the brand Gilde and the traditional butcher trade.

Celebrating 60 years of Gilde, is also an extraordinary success for the central cooperative ZENTRAG. The well-established master brand Gilde proves that ZENTRAG identifies new market trends, meets the consumer demand and satisfies the requirements of the cooperative members – yesterday as well as today and tomorrow.

Masterbrand Gilde: tradition, trade and quality for the future – since 1954.

Gilde Food

The Gilde food-assortment offers a large choice in butchers both as a complementary range in the shops and in the production process as well as for party service. The exclusive offer distinguishes the butcher shops from the competitors, so they gain new sales opportunities.


The Gilde food-assortment comprises:

  • Preserves
  • Fresh poultry
  • Gilde organic poultry
  • Sides and ready meals
  • Spices and ingredients
  • Spirits
  • Delicatessen
  • Frozen convenience products

Gilde Non-Food

ZENTRAG eG, the Central Cooperative of the European Meat Trade, supports its member cooperatives with extensive services. That includes a large offer in machines, packaging, commodities and so on.

As machines are often linked to particularly high investments for the butcher shops, Gilde Leasing comes in handy here as a financing alternative with lots of advantages.


The Gilde non-food-assortment comprises:

  • Machines
  • Packages
  • Artificial and natural casings
  • Spices for meat processing
  • Yarns and nets
  • Party service products
  • Detergents