Promotion of game and farmed game meat trade, providing our clients with high quality meat from local forests while generating positive effects for our ZENTRAG members – these are the most important objectives for Gilde Fleisch & Wild Manufaktur.

Gilde Wild & Fleisch Manufaktur has its headquarters in Frankfurt and is part of Gilde AG, a holding company of ZENTRAG eG. The director Patrick Völker is also managing ZENTRAG’s meat, venison & poultry department.

Objectives and services of Gilde Wild und Fleisch Manufaktur

  • Trade of game, venison, and wild boar and farmed game meat for the existing clients but also of course for ZENTRAG-members
  • Securing of high-quality raw products from local forests
  • Developing synergies in purchase and sales for ZENTRAG eG and its members
  • Further strengthening of the trade and production range of the ZENTRAG group
Game meat from our local forests has so many advantages! It’s a natural, high-quality produce, with a delicious taste and in addition it presents a positive ecological balance as it is sourced locally. All these points are exactly what we want to encourage!“

Patrick Völker
General Manager Gilde Wild & Fleisch Manufaktur

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