Logo der Gilde Wild&Fleisch Manufaktur in rot und blau

Promotion of game and farmed game meat trade, providing our clients with high quality meat from local forests while generating positive effects for our ZENTRAG members – these are the most important objectives for Gilde Fleisch & Wild Manufaktur.

Gilde Wild & Fleisch Manufaktur has its headquarters in Frankfurt and is part of Gilde AG, a holding company of ZENTRAG eG. The director Patrick Völker is also managing ZENTRAG’s meat, venison & poultry department.

Objectives and services of Gilde Wild und Fleisch Manufaktur

  • Trade of game, venison, and wild boar and farmed game meat for the existing clients but also of course for ZENTRAG-members
  • Securing of high-quality raw products from local forests
  • Developing synergies in purchase and sales for ZENTRAG eG and its members
  • Further strengthening of the trade and production range of the ZENTRAG group
Game meat from our local forests has so many advantages! It’s a natural, high-quality produce, with a delicious taste and in addition it presents a positive ecological balance as it is sourced locally. All these points are exactly what we want to encourage!“

Patrick Völker
General Manager Gilde Wild & Fleisch Manufaktur

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