Our trade is changing in the course of time : the heavy tasks that butchers accomplished in former days mostly by hard physical labour are done today by machines. But these machines for example for the production of cured meat products and mince, sausages and ready–made products, represent often a big investment for the traditional butcher’s shops.

With Gilde Leasing these investments can be made at regular and calculable costs without tying up capital. Gilde Leasing for the butcher trade preserves liquidity, sustains entrepreneurial mobility and reduces the risk of obsolescence of machines and automats.

The benefits of Gilde Leasing

Gilde Leasing is a service by ZENTRAG, the Central Cooperative of the European Meat Trade. Here is an over-view of all the advantages of Gilde Leasing:

  • Makes investments possible without tying up company capital.
  • Allows reacting rapidly to market changes.
  • Gives you a decisive competitive advantage by being always up-to-date with the latest technology.
  • Often the capital goods are financed by the generated extra revenues.
  • The lease payments remain regular and transparent throughout the whole contract duration.
  • Leasing allows maxing out of fiscal advantages, state subsidies and allowances.
  • The leasing terms are generally based on the official tax depreciation tables.
  • Leasing is often a less costly alternative to purchase or classical loans.


Before arranging a lease, competent advise and exact comparison of expenses are essential. On the purchase or loan side all incurred costs as trade income tax, cost of equity capital, interests on borrowed capital, administrative and organisational costs must be taken into account and compared to the leasing conditions.

”With investments I set my priorities. As we are an expanding company, financing with Gilde Leasing enables us to equip more branches – without going to our liquidity limits. Thanks to the quick and uncomplicated handling of the paperwork by Gilde Südwest GmbH, I could easily concentrate on the core competences in my company.““

Heinz Werner Süss
Owner Fleischerei Süss in Weisenheim am Sand,
Landesinnungsmeister Pfalz (regional guild master)

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